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Thermoset Composite Components

Thermoset Composite Components

A High Quality & Low Cost Alternative

hermosets are not “plastic” in the common sense of the word. They are heavier, have a strong “feel,” have hard, glossy, scratch resistant surfaces and offer value for money as an alternative to other materials. Thermosets are typically used to manufacture consumer durables such as cooking/kitchenware appliances as well as components for the electrical, mining, transport, building and telecommunication industries.

Produced in the USA, these one piece phenolic/glass composite torque converter reactors proved better in service and were cheaper to make than the multi-part, fabricated metal components they replaced.

This load bearing drain grate is compression moulded from DMC. The benefits over traditional materials such as cast iron include corrosion resistance and ease of handling since is weighs only 25% of the metal version.

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