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Our Clever Cookware range is manufactured using our Duo-Clad technology.

What Duo-Clad Is!

Duo-Clad employs a heavy lid and specially designed body lip which combine to seal in the flavor and prevent heat escape. Due to the use of a metal sandwich of 18/10 stainless steel both sides of a special conductive core, heat is transferred from the cook top to the body core, the body rapidly attains a uniform temperature, eliminating hot spots.

Food is quickly and evenly heated from the entire body surface.

What Duo-Clad Isn’t!

Typical stainless steel cookware employs a light lid with sharp cut edge. This rarely seats well and allows the escape of heat, delicate flavours and fragrances.
The single ply stainless steel wall is a poor heat conductor so all the heat must transfer to the food from the base. This in turn results in less uniform heating of the food, requiring more frequent stirring.

Duo-Clad ensures even distribution of heat and most importantly, the handles stay cool!

Most other stainless steel cookware heats up closest to the hotplate only.

Clever Cookware with Duo-Clad technology can be ordered direct by calling our office.

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