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Plastic Moulding Specialists

Specialising in the moulding and assembly of intricate and technical products

We offer a complete service to our clients from conception to completion.

If you have an idea of what you need, we will assist you with the design, the tooling required and our expert knowledge on the right material for the job.R.E Davison is known in industry by two leading brands: RED Composites and Gloda Manufacturing and offer services in 2 major areas. RED Composites for Thermoset and composite moulding and Gloda Manufacturing for metal pressing and deep drawing for both the Australian and export market.

Plastic Moulding Services

RED Composites is an industry leader in the manufacture of thermoset and composite components. RED Composites specialises in: injection moulding, compression moulding and transfer moulding of DMC, (BMC), SMC, Phenolic, Melamine, Urea Unsaturated Polyester, GMT, LFT and UHMWPE materials.

Metal Pressing & Deep Drawing Services

Gloda Manufacturing produces industrial deep drawn and pressed products in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Tin Plate and Steel. Specialised service includes: sub assembly and final assembly of components, fine polishing of Stainless Steel and Aluminium components. Gloda Manufacturing is also a leading cookware manufacturer and the creator of “Clever Cookware’s” Duo Clad range of cookware

Porosity Sealing Systems

Porosity Sealing Systems Whether you cast gearbox housings, make parts for engines, weld in your production process or even if you make electrical components – porosity can be a problem! Our process effectively seals your parts for life, thus minimizing the potential for corrosion, uneven wear and a host of other problems. Once sealed the parts are resistive to a wide range of fluids. Read more about porosity sealing.

R.E. Davision aquires Porosity Sealing Systems.

The porosity sealing process minimises the potential for corrosion, uneven wear and a host of other problems Click here to visit Porosity Sealing

Short Run Solutions

So you think manufacturing offshore will save you money? This is not true if you only require a small number of items. Talk to us about your manufacturing need and we will explain the cost benefits of manufacturing in Australia.

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